Get more done together with us by joining our Rhineland-Palatinate Gold brand program as a Gold Partner. Under this brand, we work as a team with partners to further strengthen our state as a business location.

While all that glitters may not be gold, Rhineland-Palatinate is offering a truly golden opportunity. As part of the Rhineland-Palatinate Gold Partner brand program, you will belong to a very special group of the state’s enterprises and institutions and be able toengage in extensive networking withother Rhineland-Palatinate businesses, organizations, and policymakers.

The more people, companies, and institutions strengthen the Rhineland-Palatinate brand with their good names, the better – better for the enterprises located here as well as the entire business location, and thus better for everyone in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Our brand partner program unites all Rhineland-Palatinate enterprises and institutions that want to make our state a better business location and one that is more widely known – also for the benefit of the program participants. Because as a Gold Partner, you become part of the Rhineland-Palatinate success story. 

You get the whole package with us

Our brand partner program is worth its weight in gold, offering a good deal that gets even better when you know about its many benefits.

Our Gold Partners are able to get so much from their participation. Allow us to introduce you to the Gold package: Have you always wanted to have the opportunity to engage in direct dialog with the Ministry of Economic Affairs? Check. And would you also like to get to know and learn from other Gold Partners? Check.

We also support you in making your enterprise more visible and better known, such as by presenting you as a Gold Partner on our investors portal. In the context of the campaigns of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, we also present your company to Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, and the world. So become a Gold Partner – for our shared business location as well as for yourself. 

The five pillars of our brand partner program

Unser gemeinsamer Erfolg beruht auf den fünf Säulen unseres Markenpartnerprogramms. Diese sichern unseren Gold-Standard.

Products and services from Rhineland-Palatinate? The first thing that comes to mind is top-notch quality. As a Gold Partner, you also meet such unrivaled quality standards. And because you put your focus on quality assurance, you will continue to meet these standards in the future. You also assume responsibility for our business location.

We and our Gold Partners know that change is the only constant. Sentiments like “we’ve always done it that way” or “we’ve never done it that way before” are therefore not ones you are in the habit of uttering. You are just as open to change as we are, and you are always evolving. You move us forward on this basis, such as by ensuring greater sustainability and diversity. 

Everyone talks about innovation – but we in Rhineland-Palatinate are a driving force behind it. This is a place where AI serves as an intelligent colleague, and a place where revolutionary vaccines are being developed. Our Gold Partners are open to new ideas, not only deploying but also researching, implementing, and offering accessible and digital solutions and products.

For long-lasting success, you need skilled professionals – and our Gold Partners know this. They therefore adhere to principles and guidelines for attracting, integrating, and developing skilled professionals. In the real-life working world, this is achieved through traineeships and continuing education, training courses, and development offers tailored to each individual. 

Rhineland-Palatinate may not be the center of the world – but it’s pretty close. Located in the very heart of Europe, we are at home in Germany, Europe, and throughout the world. That’s why our Gold Partners also offer their – often award-winning – products and services outside of Rhineland-Palatinate, too. Not to mention presenting them and our business location at national and international events and trade fairs.

We’re already Gold Partners:


Curious? Find out how to become a Gold Partner.

Becoming a Gold Partner is easy: Anyone and everyone who embraces the five pillars of Rhineland-Palatinate Gold can participate. Fill out the application now and benefit from the many advantages of a brand partnership.


Julian Schäfer

Chief Officer Business Location Marketing

Julian Schäfer

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Nuria Niebler

Executive Officer Business Location Marketing

Nuria Niebler

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Executive Officer Business Location Marketing

Marcel Klein

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