Discover Rhineland-Palatinate, a region that invests not only in jobs but also in qualifications – and rewards you for enhancing your skills through continuing education. How and when can you do this? By engaging in further education, for example: We offer financial assistance to anyone keen on continuing their professional development. We also provide paid educational leave – a chance to learn new things without sacrificing your personal vacation days. Prestigious universities, colleges, research institutions, and countless other training options ensure you the best career prospects or even the possibility of going down an entirely different career path. So take advantage of these opportunities and give yourself a leg up.


Spoilt for choice

13000 education courses

How many professional development courses are enough? That’s for you to decide! Rhineland-Palatinate boasts an impressive range of courses, with over 13,000 continuing education options available from 676 different providers. Where do you want to start?


Rhineland-Palatinate Educational Leave Act

Paid leave

Ten days’

Would you like to get paid time off for further education? A Rhineland-Palatinate state law makes this possible: You have the right to take up to ten days off within a span of two years – without any reduction in your salary or the use of your vacation days.


Invest in yourself and cash in

1,000 euros

of additional income


Are you wondering what the benefits of continuing education are for the individual? Professionals with Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees can earn up to an extra 1,000 euros per month. Additional training also enhances career prospects and increases job security.

Active empowerment

2 percent

higher proportion of women


Residents of Rhineland-Palatinate have great careers after receiving additional training. And that naturally includes the women of Rhineland-Palatinate. In 2022, the share of women engaging in continuing education was even two percentage points higher than for men. Efforts to bring about equality of opportunity are having an impact.