Why choosing Rhineland-Palatinate has been the best decision of this sales coordinator’s life.

Before settling in Rhineland-Palatinate with her family, Annika Mehmeti had already lived in many different places. The sales coordinator for medical technology doesn’t want to leave the region because everything falls into place perfectly for her here.

Annika Mehmeti is well-traveled. Born in Munich and raised in Frankfurt, she has experienced life in Bavaria, Hesse, and North Rhine-Westphalia – and ultimately chose to put down roots in Rhineland-Palatinate. “My husband and I could live anywhere in the world, but we deliberately chose Rhineland-Palatinate,” says Mehmeti.


She began her career with an apprenticeship at an advertising agency. Mehmeti then worked in the fashion industry for many years. In 2018, a job posting for the medical technology company Baldus Sedation sparked her interest. Mehmeti was so impressed by the company and the Rhineland-Palatinate location that she made the decision to relocate her family to Bendorf near Koblenz to join Baldus as a back-office sales coordinator.



"Rhineland-Palatinate is a cool location with many more innovative companies than you might expect"


The medium-sized enterprise is a true hidden champion as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical nitrous oxide systems for dental treatments. “The abundance of specialized companies here came as a great surprise to me. Rhineland-Palatinate is a cool location with many more innovative companies than you might expect,” says Mehmeti. “Rhineland-Palatinate boasts strong representation in the medical technology sector, as well as other industries. There are many companies looking for skilled professionals.”


In Rhineland-Palatinate, Mehmeti finds not just a vibrant hub of innovation and promising career prospects but also the perfect environment for her family: “We enjoy hiking, mushroom hunting, and cycling, and also like to indulge in good food and drink. Everything falls into place seamlessly here.” You can also have a really good time as a couple in Rhineland-Palatinate. “The evenings spent in exquisite restaurants are always enchanting occasions,” she says with a smile.

Mehmeti and her family particularly love the proximity to nature: “We live in an incredibly bucolic setting here. Scenic nature is just outside your door. Our kids absolutely love the Rhine, the Moselle, and how close we are to Eifel National Park and the Westerwald range.” The good infrastructure is also a real advantage, says Mehmeti: “In Bendorf, we live close to two highways, and the train connection is great. That way we can get anywhere we want very quickly.” 

After working all over Germany, Annika Mehmeti finally found her future in Bendorf. “Choosing to come to Rhineland-Palatinate was the best decision of my life,” she says with conviction.

Annika Mehmeti

  • Born in Munich in 1978 and grew up in Frankfurt am Main
  • After an apprenticeship in an advertising agency, Mehmeti worked in the cosmetics and fashion industry.
  • In 2018, she relocated to Rhineland-Palatinate.
  • Today, she lives near Koblenz and is employed by a medical nitrous oxide manufacturer.