In Rhineland-Palatinate, we cultivate an environment that helps both skilled workers and companies to thrive, with a rich tapestry of wine festivals, hiking trails, and World Heritage Sites. The linchpin of our mission is to foster and attract brilliant minds to our federal state to serve as the foundation of an innovative economy. Sounds ambitious? It is! Which is why we’re implementing a skilled workforce strategy in Rhineland-Palatinate with seven goals.


No starting at the deep end: Here in Rhineland-Palatinate, we don’t teach people about work by making them sink or swim; we teach them in school. We focus on internships and on providing consolidated information, including resources for parents. Our aim is to offer interdisciplinary insight and a wide variety of perspectives on possible career paths – in a manner that avoids gender stereotyping. We interlink the realms of education and work so that every individual can fully explore career opportunities and find their dream job.


In Rhineland-Palatinate, we make sure the transition between school and work happens the right way: seamlessly. We inform students about the doors that are open to them with the respective schooling-leaving certificates and give young people an idea of what to expect next. And what are those perspectives? Precisely those that suit each particular talent – with due consideration for the availability of training placements. We provide targeted assistance and guidance to anyone seeking help on their journey.


Cooperative vocational training? It’s a good choice for everyone! Modern content, close collaboration between the vocational school and company, and highly skilled trainers make it all possible. We bring learning locations together via digital solutions and provide needs-based financial support in the search for the right vocational training relationship. And we are working to create new opportunities as well – from the Azubi-Card for apprentices to options to spend time abroad. To create a cooperative vocational training success model of knowledge and action.


Standing still is synonymous with falling behind. Rhineland-Palatinate therefore stands behind individuals seeking career development by offering assistance in securing appropriate financial support. Don’t have a professional qualification? Even then, we find a path forward. This way, we not only have a close eye on the world of work, but also actively propel it into the future.


In Rheinland-Pfalz fördern wir Talente, keine Stereotype. Mit gezielten Maßnahmen sorgen wir dafür, dass alle die gleichen Chancen am Arbeitsmarkt haben und wir Frauen für gut bezahlte Berufe gewinnen, in denen sie unterrepräsentiert sind. Wie? Mit Leitfäden, die familienorientierte Arbeitszeitmodelle fördern oder die zeigen, wie man berufliche Qualifikationen in familienbedingten Pausen aktuell hält. Unsere Netzwerke? Sind Gold wert! Erfahrene Gründerinnen coachen andere Frauen und teilen ihre Erfolgsgeschichten.


We roll out the red carpet for international talent. As we promote the beauty and innovation of Rhineland-Palatinate around the world, we are also working to streamline recognition procedures for professional qualifications from foreign countries and simplify immigration processes. We provide advice on everything to do with jobs, the law, and life in Germany while also offering language learning support to international trainees. In this way, skilled professionals not only find Rhineland-Palatinate to be an attractive place to work but also a great new place to call home.


In Rhineland-Palatinate, we understand that a career can be fulfilling only when it goes hand in hand with quality of life. We strive to enhance the appeal of work by implementing various initiatives, for instance to promote health in the workplace. We foster the implementation of digital working models and the expansion of childcare and other care services so that private and professional lives can be balanced. Our focus is on the well-being of our professionals – in an environment as captivating as a sunset on the Rhine.


In a rapidly changing world, continuing to develop is not a luxury but a vital necessity. Luckily, we have some plans to make this a reality in Rhineland-Palatinate. Together with numerous partners and the seven objectives of our skilled workforce strategy, we are laying the foundation for continuing to be a place of growth, innovation, and community over the years to come. And the best part? Anyone and everyone is welcome to become a part of it themselves – for golden moments in a sustainable, innovative, and inclusive Rhineland-Palatinate.