How a computer scientist found his future in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Moving to Rhineland-Palatinate was never part of Mario Holweck’s plan. Then he discovered both true love and forward-looking training opportunities here. Today, he knows exactly why this step could be an attractive one for other computer scientists as well.

Mario Holweck admits that he is always finding things to complain about. However, it’s hard to imagine that with this friendly, smiling IT specialist. Here in Rhineland-Palatinate, with his new employer and in his new life, even he struggles to find reasons to complain: “Everything is just right here,” Holweck says happily.

At the age of 40, he decided to make a fresh start. The native of Saarland was still living in his old home at the time. However, it was love as well as the promising training opportunities that drew him to Rhineland-Palatinate, specifically to Bellheim in the picturesque Southern Palatinate. “Looking back, it was the best decision I could make,” he says today. At an IT system provider, he is training to become an IT specialist for system integration. Holweck considers this a training program with great potential for future prospects, not to mention the respectful and supportive environment.

“Rhineland-Palatinate offers me freedom and quality of life in every aspect”


However, it’s not just his professional future he has found here, but also a new place to call home. “Rhineland-Palatinate offers me freedom and quality of life in every aspect,” the budding computer scientist says with enthusiasm. Most of what he needs is within walking distance, he notes. With supermarkets, doctors, a train station, and lots of leisure activities right nearby, owning a car is no longer necessary. Even the bureaucracy is something he can deal with on short trips from his home. Holweck finds not only peace and relaxation in the surrounding nature but also the perfect setting for indulging in his hobby of flying model airplanes, remote-controlled helicopters, and drones. “Nobody feels bothered by it here,” Holweck says.


“Rhineland-Palatinate has always been a place where foreigners are welcomed.”


He greatly appreciates the openness and joie de vivre on display among the people of Rhineland-Palatinate. Looking back at history, he knows this to be true: “Rhineland-Palatinate has always been a place where foreigners are welcomed.” And this holds true to the present day. “That’s perfect for computer scientists in particular,” Holweck explains with a grin. “We tend to be quite shy.” With an abundance of natural beauty and a warm and welcoming community, everyone easily finds their place.

After taking a few detours, Holweck has ultimately found both true love and a career in Rhineland-Palatinate. He offers advice to those who are still searching or who want to make a fresh start: “Don’t give up, keep at it, and don’t settle for the first opportunity that comes along.”

Mario Holweck

  • Born in 1980 in Neunkirchen, Saarland, and also grew up there
  • He worked as a pool attendant from 2004 to 2010.
  • Holweck then transitioned to specializing in property protection and security services.
  • In 2021, he relocated to Rhineland-Palatinate to pursue retraining as an IT specialist for system integration.